In one year, March 29, 2019, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May expects the country to start leaving the European Union. Negotiations have been taking place between Britain and the EU since last summer, but very little has come about in terms of concrete content and agreements. Hope is that an agreement will be ready until October this year.

With over 5 percent of Sweden's total imports and 6 percent of Sweden's total exports by 2017, Britain is one of Sweden's most important trading partner, and EU exit will affect thousands of Swedish companies, both administrative, time and costly, says Christina Wiklund, owner CargoIT .

In May 2018, the new customs warehousing requirements were supposed to come into force, but this is now postponed until 1 November 2018. The new tullager procedure entails major changes for tullager holders as all previous licenses are now reviewed by Customs. Among other things, new messages and new types of accounts will be introduced. CargoIT has been out early and already has customers in operation with the messages so far available at the Customs Office.

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CargoIT is now integrating their modules with the financial system Visma Business. This is an addition to the other business systems that the CIS modules can integrate with. This integration makes it possible to send information between CIS and Visma Business which will make work processes easier and more effective. It contributes to a safer and faster way to send and share information which is an important factor in a constantly changing industry. This way, CargoIT continues to create possibilities for their customers to strengthen their businesses.

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CargoIT is doing a very good year in 2017 and is now strengthening its position as one of Sweden's leading provider of IT and logistics solutions, both nationally and internationally. During 2017, the company has increased growth and, above all, the number of new customers who have chosen the company's system and logistics solutions.

"In recent years, CargoIT has made major investments and investments on modules that provide advanced but at the same time user-friendly system solutions, which has given CargoIT the opportunity to be at the forefront today and to offer customers modern, competitive and fully integrated solutions that are demanded both nationally and internationally, Joel Winninge Vice President CargoIT.

The company is planning for continued expansion in 2018, when CargoIT expects to grow further.

"Requirements for freight forwarders / logistics industry are very high and increase faster than ever before. By 2018, CargoIT will continue to develop the CIS-Cargo Information system to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry's customers. We are opening the new year by offering an advanced but user-friendly fully integrated in-process module that will streamline customer processes. We are also building and offering applications for smooth handling of data in the various modules, which are requested to justify the processes, "says Joel Winninge, Vice President CargoIT.

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CargoIT is now launching File-upload, a new functionality available for CIS Customs 3.0. It's now possible to attach external files to your customs entries which means that documentation can be saved and stored in the same system. The function is a major step towards being able to store all documentation electronically to reduce the physical paperwork. It fulfills the demand from the Swedish Customs that documentation need to be saved while it also helps to reduce work load and the waste of resources.

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