CargoIT arranged a seminar on May 23rd at Arlanda Airport and it focused on the future of logistics. The audience was a great mix of authorities, forwarders, transporters and people from logistics and retail orientated companies. Nils Paul from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation talked about the new aviation strategy and the plans to expand Arlanda Airport. Anders Karlsson had a presentation about the conflict in the Port of Gothenburg and how it effects Sweden and its logistics.

Clod based solutions are increasing in popularity and Per Eriksson, CoreIT, talked about the importance of security and accessibility. He also mentioned the virus attacks that have been mentioned in media the past few weeks. Christina Rausch, CHAMP Cargosystems, together with Joel Winninge, CargoIT, presented the collaboration concerning e-freight and the possibility to send messages with XML.

The seminar was a great success with an involved and active audience that brought up interesting questions and thoughts.

Thank you everyone who came! 

In the newsletter of May you may read about CargoIT's seminar on May 23th. Do not forget notifying yourself and your colleagues. The agenda consists of many interesting speeches about the future of the logistics industry. In addition, you may also read about how CargoIT will help you to highlight the potential of your business and how a well-developed customer portal is taking your service to new customers. 

CargoIT invites you to a free of charge seminar on May 23 at Arlanda Airport

Compete on a changing market and increase your profitability. CargoIT invites you to a free of charge seminar on May 23 at Arlanda Airport. An agenda on modern and competitive logistics, focusing on the tools that streamline your business, the new rules for customs warehousing, overall solutions, cloud solution, new features when using apps. The Ministry of Industry presents the new aviation strategy, with an important priority being Arlanda Airport and CHAMP Cargosystems, together with CargoIT, presents a joint cooperation on E-freight. The chief executive officer of Transportnet is following up trends in the logistics industry.


knapp portal engelska

CargoIT has e new customer portal under implementation. Built in a modern dynamic interface, it can be customized to suit the needs of the customer and also different types of devices. The customer will be able to manage orders and before making a booking, recieve price information and/or send a price estimate. Registration of orders can be supported by templates and Track & Trace can view their status.

In the new customer portal, documents can both be uploaded and downloaded. In cases where an order needs to be assisted with external documents, they can be uploaded directly to the order, and the customer has access to documents such as freight documents, notices and invoices in the portal. In order to follow up and evaluate orders, there is the possibility of extracting statistics on previous orders. All of this is available in CargoIT's new customer portal, launched shortly. This feature will increase your service level to your customers.



The interest to see what the market has to offer in IT systems is significant those days. In an industry that is rapidly changing it is important to be updated on the latest to be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In this month's newsletter you can read about CargoIT's seminar at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, where the Ministry of innovation and transport will be presening the new air strategy, why comprehensive solutions are crucial in the industry and how the news of Brexit will affect the customs and logistics industry.

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