Customer portal with unique features for increased service

CargoIT offers a new, modern and dynamic customer portal for increased service levels for customers in the IT and logistics industry. Built with new technology in a dynamic interface, it can be customized to suit the needs of the customer and also for different types of devices.


In the portal, the customer has the opportunity to send a quotation request, in case of registration, before ordering, price information. Assignment registration is offered by template management and Track and Trace can view their status. In the portal, documents can both be uploaded and downloaded. In cases where an assignment needs to be assisted with external documents, they can be uploaded directly to the assignment and that the customer has access to documents such as shipping notes, merchandise labels, notifications, invoices directly in the portal. In order to follow up and evaluate assignments, there is the possibility of extracting statistics on previous shipments. User groups can be created with field-level rights and of course responsive design to work for any size on screen. In addition to this, excel report generation is available according to its own appearance and content. All of this is available at CargoIT's customer portal. The function is an important component to increase your service to your customers.

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