The products are developed in close contact with end-users. A majority of the modules are third generation software. The platform is web based and the system can be used on tablets and smart phones.The system can be run in networks, virtual environments, be outsourced or offered as a cloud-service. Thefunctionality is offered in different modules and they can be put together as standard solutions, totallyintegrated of course. The platform has a standard interface to integrate ERP-system, TA-system etc.
Effective solutions for integrations with the customers “customer” can also offered.
Following are the modules are included in CIS - Cargo Information System

CIS Forwarding
CIS Customs
CIS Transport
CIS Warehouse
CIS Expo
CIS Terminal
CIS Integration

Over 150 clients use Cargo Information System daily. The product development is totally funded by CargoIT, which means that intense development and new technical solutions don’t affect the balance-sheet. This means that the company has solid finances for the future.