The Intrastat module is integrated into CIS Customs but can also be run as a separate module. Registration is made on the intended image and each case can be sent to SCB. Most likely, however, is the transmission to SCB once a month at a set time, which is supported. As an agent, there is an opportunity to issue debit documents containing information about cases made. The registration of cases is simple and only limited information must be specified for each case. The system recognizes which product codes and associated information that has previously been used. When registration of items is made, support for remaining value and weight is given. Distribution of weight can be done automatically. This means that for each product line, only product code (which in some cases can be automatically proposed), and product value (if several product lines occur) are needed. If no cases have occurred for the intended period/company - the system creates an automatic “zero report” when sending to SCB.

Overview of functionality in the Intrastat module:

  • Registry Care for Company/Contact Information
  • Registration of main tasks and items
  • Support/Search option from the Customs Tariff
  • Support with previously used product codes
  • Support for residual value and weight in several product lines
  • List function of selected cases according to different criteria
  • Function for sending electronically to SCB – selected cases or all cases for one period
  • Automatic creation and sending of zero reports if no case is registered for certain period/company
  • Statutory management - each case returns status when the case is received by SCB


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