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  • CargoIT's Partners

    To create the best solutions CargoIT have four different partners. Together with them we make sure that our customers’ needs are being fulfilled. CargoIT is very proud of these collaborations and you can read about who these partners are and how their businesses contribute to create great solutions HERE.

  • Transport Logistik idag writes about CargoIT's seminar concerning air freight and the future of logistics


    To read the whole article, click here!

  • Thank you for a great seminar!

    CargoIT arranged a seminar on May 23rd at Arlanda Airport and it focused on the future of logistics. The audience was a great mix of authorities, forwarders, transporters and people from logistics and retail orientated companies. Nils Paul from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation talked about the new aviation strategy and the plans to expand Arlanda Airport. Anders Karlsson had a presentation about the conflict in the Port of Gothenburg and how it effects Sweden and its logistics.

    Clod based solutions are increasing in popularity and Per Eriksson, CoreIT, talked about the importance of security and accessibility. He also mentioned the virus attacks that have been mentioned in media the past few weeks. Christina Rausch, CHAMP Cargosystems, together with Joel Winninge, CargoIT, presented the collaboration concerning e-freight and the possibility to send messages with XML.

    The seminar was a great success with an involved and active audience that brought up interesting questions and thoughts.

    Thank you everyone who came! 


New customers

JEK FORWARDING AB chooses CIS Forwarding 3.0 and CIS Customs 3.0 (2017-07-10) 

JEK FORWARDING AB has chosen to implement CIS Forwarding 3.0 with support for road, sea and air. They will also use CIS Customs 3.0 where order information can be sent to create declarations. The solution contains CargoITs new customer portal and an integration with JEK's financial system. 


Uddevalla Hamnterminal chooses a total solution with CIS (2017-06-09)

The company has decided to use a total solution that includes CIS Forwarding 3.0, CIS Customs 3.0 and CIS Warehouse on CargoIT's new platform. They will also use CWDS, declarations connected to the customs warehouse process.


Malmö Lastbilcentral AB chooses CIS Customs 3.0 (2017-05-17)

The company will use the system for accounting in a temporary warehouse.


Fresh Asian Import Stockholm AB chooses CIS Customs 3.0 (2017-05-08)

The company will use the system for import declarations. The solution includes the customs tariff that automatically generetes fees and information connected to the commodity codes.  


NTEX AB chooses CIS Forwarding 3.0 and CIS Customs 3.0 ASP (2017-03-13)

The company will implement the forwarding system with support for road, sea and air with E-AWB. The order information can be sent to the customs system CIS Customs 3.0 ASP to create a declaration. They will also use CASS invoice and an integration with their financial system.

E.ON Sverige chooses CIS Customs 3.0 ASP and electronic customs warehouse journal (2017-03-29)

The unit in Karlshamn will registrate their transactions of customs and EU goods that is being stored together.

NORDISK TULLSERVICE & SPEDITION AB chooses CIS Customs 3.0 ASP for the electronic customs warehouse journal (2017-03-13)
The company has chosen to use the electronic customs warehouse journal from CargoIT that has been developed according to the demands from the Swedish Customs.


Götene Kyltransporter AB chooses CIS Customs 3.0 ASP (2017-03-06)
Götene Kyltransporter has chosen CIS Customs 3.0 ASP as a solution for customs warehouse journal to fulfill the new demands. Also, Götene Kyltransporter can now work as a permitted receiver of transits with their own electronic communication with the Swedish Customs.

FrachtSweden AB chooses CIS Forwarding 3.0 and CIS Customs 3.0 (2017-02-24)

Fracht Sweden has chosen to integrate CIS Forwarding with CIS Customs as a cloud solution. The solution includes functionality for E-AWB and integration with their financial system.


Unitrans Shipping & Transport chooses to upgrade to CIS Forwarding 3.0
The company chooses to upgrade to the cloud based CIS Forwarding 3.0 with an integration with CIS Customs 3.0. They will be using file-upload which enables them to save documents and pictures connected to orders.

H.Distribution AB chooses CIS Storage/3PL (2017-02-14)
The company realizes how efficient it is to digitalize their supply chain and to be able to offer their clients the opportunity to log on to their storage and, in real time see the balance of the account and statistics. Goods can be registered with a EU or customs attribute (G-number)

Rydéns in Gnosjö - Automated article based customs warehouse

Mattias Einebrant

The integrated solution, along with CIS Customs 3.0 cloud based, makes the work flexible, easy and cost effective. CIS Customs 3.0 is a part of our daily work .

Mattias Einebrant Warehouse Manager

Kerry Logistics (Sweden) AB - CIS Forwarding 3.0 & CIS Customs 3.0

Torbjörn Hagberg

We experience CIS Forwarding 3.0 both flexible and easy to understand, CIS systems gives us control over our income and expenses at a detailed level.

Torbjörn Hagberg CEO

Rapido Klara Transport AB - CIS Transport

Lars-Gunnar Berghel

We were very happy with our previous transport and CargoIT as a system supplier and as our customers began demanding electronic transport booking and the opportunity to follow the status of laid reservations, we realized the need for a modern transport system to continue to be competitive. With the web-based CIS Transport system, we feel that our business is equipped with a transport system for the future, that meet our customers increasing demands.

Lars-Gunnar Berghel CEO

CHAMP Cargosystems - Cooperation

Edward Dorr

Bringing CargoIT into the CHAMP family of trusted partners has been nothing short of ideal.

Edward Dorr Director Community Integration Services

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