CIS Customs 3.0

CIS Customs 3.0 is the software system that meets the demands for the current and future needs within customs clearance. It’s built to be able to handle a fast and changing flow of information. The system is complete with links to TDS and NCTS for importers, exporters, transporters and agents. It also supports functionalities as customs warehouse journal and inward processing.

CIS Customs 3.0 is a user friendly system with a modern interface that helps you with your customs entries. The system will provide you the possibility to create templates and receive updates of the customs tariff and currencies. It consists of different modules and thanks to modern technique it simplifies adjustments regarding demands from authorities and customers.


Summary of the functionalities in CIS Customs 3.0

  • Cloud computing solution – all you need is internet access and a browser
  • Support and management of EDI-messages (import, export, transit, customs warehouse, etc.)
  • Intrastate connected to tax authorities
  • Electronic customs bill
  • The system develops according to new demands from UCC
  • CWDS: declarations connected to the customs warehouse process
  • A dynamic interface adjusts to chosen type of message
  • Management of customs warehouse, reports, promotion, balance and articles according to the demands from Tullverket on customs warehouse journal
  • Management of templates of declaration
  • Automatic completion of information according to regulations from Tullverket
  • Assistance with declarations – validation of data input
  • Keyboard shortcuts to reduce usage of computer mouse
  • API for integrations via XML, EDIFACT and others
  • Current customs tariff connected to consignor and recipient
  • Can be hosted by CargoIT
  • Management of PKI with certificate and signing
  • Ability to handle all costs and match the Customs bill (with full automatic)
  • Opportunity to invoice from CIS Customs
  • Economic reports for follow-up and reconciliation
  • Completed Integration to Financial Systems


 UCC - Inion Customs Code

CargoIT has in its system solution made allowances for future changes in the way they handle different types of customs declarations. We basically have an attribute base with all possible information that can occur in a customs declaration. Then we scale the declaration depending on what information the message should contain. With this technology, we are well prepared to create new and add and subtract information in the new message types that will come in the UCC process. Including, for example, a message structure for a declaration for inbound in a warehouse, multiple registration steps, etc.


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