CIS Inward Processing

Having Inward Processing permit is profitable in manufacturing regarding the company's customs costs. However, it may be time-consuming to have full control over imported goods in these licenses, according to Tullverket. To simplify this process, the Inward Processing module, as part of CIS Customs can be used. This module is easy-to-use and provides quick and easy control of the permits and its in-depth articles. The Inward Processing Module can be used and run separately, but as a fully integrated module in CIS Customs it gives a great added value when all information is automatically converted into Customs declarations for both Import and Export.

Overview of functionality in the Inward Processing module:

  • Handling of Manufacturing and Repair
  • Imports of existing permits
  • Control and warning regarding validity and possibility of extension
  • Handling of max payment per imported item, maximum amount per repair
  • Handling of recipes with in-depth articles per exported article
  • Support for reading existing recipies
  • Simple search features, for example, to find permits, recipes, etc. via item number
  • Creation of Import declaration with selection of articles from selected state, with automatic control of maximum amount etc.
  • Automatic creation of registration per item (summarized per item code)
  • Update of estimated customs fees etc. per imported item to the Inward Processing module
  • Simple search features for checking validity of imports, such as settlement documents, listed instantly on screen or in Excel format
  • Creation of export declaration - Automatic when settlement is made or matched with previously made export declaration
  • Creation of settlement note for reporting to Tullverket at the end of the import
  • Automatic creation of import declaration when debiting


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